Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primadonna Girl

Hey Sweeties ^^, 
It´s raining in my town, so I am sitting in my room, listen to some music ("Primadonna Girl" from Marina and the Diamonds) and I finished my fashion - inspiration - board. I took some pics for you:
Weil es zurzeit regnet, sitze ich in meinem Zimmer, höre mir immer und immer wieder den gleichen Song an ("Primadonna Girl" von Marina and the Diamonds) und ich habe mein Mode - Inspirations - Board zusammen gestellt. Ich habe für euch ein wenig fotographiert:

A part of my inspiration - board: Glitter & Glamour, flower print, stripes and points, pastel colours, the grunge look,...

This sentence is in the song "Primadonna Girl". I like it, because it´s true!

 Perfect for finding some inspirations: Postcards! There I always find some topics, for peints or posts.

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  1. love those collages! I am following you with this account via google friend connect don't forget to follow me too :P

  2. Ich dachte du hasst den Song Primadonna, als ich ihn dir 'vorgestellt' habe :D

    Cooler Post <3


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