Monday, November 12, 2012

Chelsea Boots - Fever

Hey Sweeties,
I don´t know, how you feel about it, but I am terrible in love with Chelsea Boots!

Everything began, when I saw some pics of the Teenvogue shoot with Alexa Chung, who wore these babies.

I know of course, that they are for longer time now "IN", but I was totally happy when I got mine about two months ago. And now, you can see and buy them everywhere!
Here are some facts about them:
1. Mister J. S. Hall, the officially shoe designer of Queen Victoria, designed them in Chelsea in 1830.

2. They were originally made for men, but we women needed something new for our boyfriend - look!

3. They got much more popular because of the Beatles! They have got also their own design: The Beatle boot. Of course there are much more tipes of Chelsea Boots: Short ones, long ones, as heels, flower printed, glittering,...

And why do I love them so much? Because they are so damn comfortable, it´s totally quick to slip in and out and (if you ask me) they look super chic!