Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Oscar - Night 2012

Hey Sweeties ^^, 
I´ve prepared something big for you: The whole oscar - night.
The whole night was for stars and viewers a big High - Light!
Ich habe extra für euch etwas großes vorbereitet: Die gesamte Oscar - Nacht.
Das gesamte Event war für Stars und Zuschauer mal wieder ein großes High-Light!

It started with a short movie, where the presenter Billy Crystal went into the movies of the night: He was kissed by George Clooney in "The Descendants", met Justin Bieber in a taxi by "Midnight in Paris", watched movies with Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady", although met Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible", his housemaid Octavia Spencer kidded him in "The Help" and at last, he sought jokes with the team of "Moneyball". But when he arrived, back in the Oscar - theatre (Kodak - Theatre), he sang, as every time, his lovely song "It´s time for Oscar" and made with his jokes the whole audience laugh.
Das Event startete mit einem kleinen Film, indem der Moderator Billy Crystal in die nominierten Filme einen Einblick gewärte: Er wurde von George Clooney in "The Descendants" geküsst, traf Justin Bieber im Taxi von "Midnight in Paris", schaute sich Filme an mit Meryl Streep in "Die eiserne Lady", traf auch Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible", sein Hausmädchen Octavia Spencer veräppelte ihn in "The Help" und zum Schluss, suchte er Witze zusammen mit dem Team aus "Moneyball". Aber als er zurück im Oscar - Theater (Kodak - Theatre), sang er, wie jedes mal, sein berühmtes Lied "It´s time for Oscar" und brachte mit seinen humorvollen Sätzen den gesamten Saal zum Lachen.
 The presenter, Billy Crystal

The big Kodak - Theatre
 Kissed by George Clooney, Billy said: "His girlfriend is lucky, he´s a very good kisser".
 Here, meeting Justin Bieber, who wanted to drive back into the pas, for changing something in the future...

The High - lights of the Night:

Sherlock Holmes Star Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Robert wanted to film a documentation about himself, so not "The Artist", it would be called "The Presenter". But Gwyneth didn´t found it funny...

Ben Stiller, who was a little bit confused, because  of Emma Stone, which was so happy, because she never nominated somebody before and delayed everything