Monday, March 19, 2012

Back in Future

Hey Sweeties ^^, 
I recently think oftener of my future, what I am going to do after school.
For example, what I will study, where I will study, what I will become after studiing as job, where I am going to live,... All this questions are important for life, but until now, I have no ideas...
Well, after school, I want to repose for 6 months or one year and to travel around. I want to see the world!
My destinations are NEW YORK (of course! I mean, it´s one of the biggest and most important metropolises), Los Angeles (the city of famous people and of the television), Melbourne (there it´s always like being in summer) and London (I love that city).


 Manhattan, from the Brooklyn Bridge

 The island, Manhattan...and the Hudson River

Los Angeles:
 The city of L.A.

 Hollywood Hills!
My favourite district, Venice Beach



 The city of London

I know, in all this citys you only speak english, but that´s cool, isn´t it?

I love writing and design -> Maybe I get a Fashionjournalist? That would be my biggest dream of my whole life! Because since I can write, I love it and I always was one of the best writers in my class, so why not? And I am although interested in fashion... Okay, that´s every girl, but I am special, I think, because I have style!!! That´s the different! And that´s why I am writing this Blog!


It would be great to study in Berlin, but it would be altough great to study in America, Australia or England!
But when I am studiing I don´t want to have a car, because that would be to big and then maybe it would be stole or I would be going to scrap it, but I love mopeds! I want to buy an old "Vespa" and paint her in neon colours! That would be very cool, not?
And after my studies, I want to write for a big magazine like the "Vogue", "InStyle" or "Elle",...
So, this are at first my plans and I really hope that they come true!!!

If there are questions or you want to tell me the new gossip, write me an e-mail:

Kisses <3


  1. wie gerne ich da jetzt wäre :DD

  2. Naja so könnte man das auch sagen :D danke <3

  3. New york is awesome! It's a place to be!

  4. Schöne Träume hast du ;) Viel Erfolg dabei.
    Ich wurde per Mail zu dem Event eingeladen ;)

  5. Having lived in NYC and Melbourne, I recommend them both highly! What an exciting trip you have planned!

  6. New York is my favorite city!


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